5 Western Ghat Bike Rides You Must Experience

There is something magical about the misty air of the Western Ghats. The range offers challenging rides with stellar verdant views that mesmerize one and all. The mountain range, starting at Gujarat, stretches all the way down to Tamil Nadu, covering the states of Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala along the way. Imagine riding amidst dense forests dotted with waterfalls. Sheer bliss, right? While the scenery appeals to the nature lovers, poets and romantics, the sinuous routes with ample hairpin bends can set a rider’s adrenaline rushing.

Heaven on earth – The Western Ghats in Monsoon:

The year-round pleasant weather in the Western Ghats make them a favourable destination for motorbike riders from all over India. However, the true beauty and spirit of the Western Ghats can be experienced during and after monsoon months. As you ascend the peaks, you could pass through a fleeting cloud, even as it gives in to cold and transforms into clear droplets of rain. Besides, you can also experience the waterfalls in thunderous forms instead of mere trickling streams.

Get in Touch With Yourself – Ascend the Hairpin Bends:

Conquering tricky hairpin bends safely is an art that requires focus and respect towards your surroundings. As you lower your speed and shift to the second gear, you become conscious of your bike’s engine throttle and your own breath. You become one with nature as you breathe in the pure and cool mountain air.

If you’re looking to sample the above experiences and more, you should definitely take one or more of the following Western Ghat bike routes:

#1 Kochi-Alleppey-Munnar-Wayanad-Ooty-Kodaikanal-Thekkady-Kochi

Distance: 1300kms approximately

The longest of all the journeys listed in this blog, its itinerary covers stretches of the Western Ghats in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Day 1: Starting at the bustling city of Kochi, after 50 odd kms, this route takes you up close to the beautiful backwaters of Alleppey in God’s own country, Kerala. After soaking in the abundant beauty of Alleppey, you could head towards the tea paradise, Munnar (170 kms), which is nestled in the Western Ghats.

Day 2: Leave Munnar and continue the journey towards Wayanad, which is about 350 kms away. You could call it a day at Wayanad or head further to the famous hill station, Ooty (another 110 kms).

Day 3: The journey takes a U-turn on day 3 when you start moving South towards Kodaikanal, about 250 kms away. Kodaikanal is an idyllic hill station and we strongly recommend that you stay explore the place.

Day 4: On the fourth and last day of the trip, visit Periyar National Park, Thekkady (150kms), and end your journey back at Kochi (160kms).

#2 Bangalore-Shimoga-Agumbe-Sringeri-Chikmagalur-Hassan-Bangalore

Distance: 745 kms approximately

Relatively shorter than the first route, this journey covers the best of Karnataka’s range of Western Ghats.

Day 1: Start from Bangalore and ride towards Shimoga (290 kms) , where you can spend the night before heading towards Agumbe.

Day 2: Agumbe, a small town set amidst thick rainforest, is a 93 km ride from Shimoga. This stretch would be a ride to remember as the roads offer innumerable bends and views. After a brief stop at Agumbe continue towards the temple town of Sringeri (29 kms). After lunch, ride through the lush landscape of Chikmagalur (90 kms), where coffee was first cultivated in India.

Day 3: Head back to Bangalore via Hassan (245 kms)

#3 Kolhapur – Ratnagiri – Chiplun – Khed – Mahabaleshwar – Satara – Kolhapur

Distance: 513 kms approximately

Day 1: Start from Kolhapur and ride towards the silver sand beach town, Ratnagiri (132 kms). After a walk at the beach, start riding to Mahabaleshwar via Chiplun and Khed (203 kms).

Day 2: Explore Mahabaleshwar and head back to Kolhapur via Satara (178 kms). If possible, witness the gorgeous sunset at Satara before ending your trip.


#4 Mumbai – Kalyan – Malshej Ghat – Akole – Bhandardara – Igatpuri – Mumbai

Distance: 495 kms approximately

Explore the best of the Sahyadri mountain range through this ride.

Day 1: Beginning at Mumbai, this route takes you through Malshej Ghat (126), a spectacular mountain pass in the Western Ghats. Continue towards Akole (75kms) where you can spend the night.

Day 2: Ride towards Igatpuri via Bhandardara(72 kms) and head back to Mumbai (120kms)


#5 Belgaum – Amboli – Sawantwadi – Chorla ghat – Belgaum

Distance: 230 kms approximately

This one-day ride starting from the historical town of Belgaum in North Karnataka has much to offer – from vistas of the famous Amboli Ghat waterfalls to the unmatched natural beauty of Chorla Ghat.

Some of these routes are less explored while some are popular. However, you should definitely explore at least one of these routes to experience the unparalleled beauty of the Western Ghats mountain ranges.

7 Signs That You’re a Rider At Heart

A true rider lives by the saying “life is a journey”, quite literally so. Whether it is endlessly traversing difficult terrains or seamlessly bending along the whimsical curves that life throws, a rider learns and evolves as the journey progresses. It is during this journey that riders meet their fellowship and form lasting friendships with their camaraderie. It is on this path that riders get their hands dirty with grease and fill their hearts with compassion and pure grit.

It wouldn’t be inappropriate  to say that biking is more than a hobby. It is a lifestyle.  Here are 7 signs that you’re a rider at heart.

You love exploring the uncharted:

You discover your own path and thrive on exploring uncharted territories. When all your colleagues and friends make plans to unwind and relax during a long weekend, you pack your saddle bags, put on your riding boots and vrooming into the unknown. For it is these rides that give you the inspiration to live through the monotony of rest of the week. If you start planning your next ride even before you finish your current ride, you’re a true blue rider at heart.

You’re always on the lookout for riding related merchandise:

You keep searching for riding culture merchandise wherever you go. From t-shirts to key chains to bags, your wishlist begins and ends with all things related to riding. You are often tagged on biking related posts by friends and referred to as ‘biker dude’ / ‘biker chick’ by their friends. Your riding gear and garb cost more than your entire lifetime’s wardrobe put together.

There’s nothing a ride won’t fix:

Riding is your elixir for all problems big and small. It clears your head, sets you up straight and rejuvenates you like nothing else. It is your ultimate pick-me-up after a stressful week at work. It is also your much-needed quality ‘alone time’. It is your sanctuary, away from the trials and tribulations of life. So, while others seek to drown their sorrows in alcohol, you fuel up your tank.

You’d rather stay hydrated for your weekend ride than party:

You grow out of your ‘party phase’ as riding becomes your priority. While others wake up hung-over at noon, you’d probably be chasing clouds along a highway. Instead of waking up in a room reeking of smoke and stale beer, you’d be breathing in crisp morning air and watching the first rays of sun fire up a blue-grey sky.

You’re always in tune with the weather:

When you start riding, one of the first few skills you learn is survival. This ingrained instinct of survival makes you keep track of the weather, always. So, whether or not you’re off the grid, you’ll read the weather and decide if you should step out wearing a cool t-shirt or layer up with a jacket.

You rarely turn away those who need your help:

Whether you’re on the highway or at work, your innate biker values never let you walk past someone who needs your help. One of the core values that biking imparts is compassion, and as a member of the biking brotherhood, you’re always there to lend a helping hand, fellow rider or not.

Your lifestyle leans towards minimalist living:

You start valuing experiences more than material possessions. A tank full of fuel, a jacket on your back and an unexplored destination is all you need to be happy. Most of the material possessions at your home are related to your bike. As you explore more through riding, your perception of wants and needs gets a complete makeover. You are a happier person today, because you don’t care about owning stuff.

If you indentify with four or more of these pointers, you represent the true biking spirit. You could pick up vintage motor-themed clothes and accessories on our website.